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À la tête de la prophylaxie dentaire et la prévention

Équipements dentaitres haute-performance fabriqué en Suisse

Max Efficiency. Max Comfort. Max Safety.

AIRFLOW®, the corner stone of guided biofilm therapy, completely redesigned to bring a new level of efficiency, comfort, and safety.

The AIRFLOW handpiece is the state-of-the-art technology when it comes to oral hygiene and dental prophylaxis. Thanks to the use of medical grade materials and its thermo disinfectable resistance, the new generation of handpieces are geared towards premium quality and high durability. With a powder jet reaching more than 400 km/h, the AIRFLOW handpiece provides an effective kinetic energy whilst keeping a uniform spray pattern for predictable treatment outcomes. For maximum efficiency and minimal aerosol dispersion, water and powder meet upon impact with the tooth. The AIRFLOW handpiece separates the air and water channels giving the opportunity to regulate water and powder flow with high precision. With its sleek lightweight design the AIRFLOW handpiece provide users with a comfortable pen-like grip for great dexterity and an easy access in hard-to-reach areas. As EMS’ dedication to innovation and service continues to grow, a new revolution is just around the corner.


  1. AIRFLOW Handpiece
  2. Mirror suction cannula
  3. Easy Clean
    For the daily Handpiece maintenance, effective powder-clogging removal
  4. Water filter
    For yearly filter change, recommended for users with grid water-supply
  5. Air filter
    For occasional change, recommended when the air-filter becomes dark
  6. Maintenance set
    Handpiece o-ring replacements


  • 120° angulation with thin handpiece nozzle for better visibility and accessibility
  • Medical grade resin body for high durability
  • Thermo-disinfectable and clinically sterilizable
  • Sleek design for greater dexterity
  • Clog free
  • Lightweight and well-balanced body to reduce hand fatigue
  • Improved ergonomics with pen-style grip
  • High-quality powder flow
  • Uniform spray pattern
  • Drop free system upon deactivation
  • Ideal for long working-hours
  • Stress-free and comfortable for the patient (no curettes – no noise!)
  • Gentle application of kinetic energy
  • No scratching of the tooth surface

First to go subgingial.

The new PERIOFLOW® nozzle has revolutionized the way we do prophylaxis and implant maintenance today, allowing for a minimally-invasive treatment of periodontal pockets, implant surfaces and interdental spaces in a manner that is gentle on both soft and hard tissues.

Designed with a trilateral powder-outlet and an apical water-only spray, biofilm can be safely removed from residual pockets thanks to the vortex-principle that is created. The design includes a measuring scale on each disposable nozzle (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm) for accurate measurements of pocket depth that allow a controlled application.

New 3rd generation nozzle

The novel third generation PERIOFLOW® Nozzle with a 25% slimmer, more flexible and gentle design for increased patient comfort.
The enhanced body design offers better access and improved pocket conformability to reach more periodontal and peri-implant areas smoothly and safely.

  • Slim: Better access
  • Safe: Reduced intra-pocket pressure
  • Higher patient comfort
  • Higher efficiency

Slim and flexible body

Streamlined design with 25% slimmer body and optimal flexibility drives higher accessibility to efficiently reach and treat more periodontal and peri-implant areas.

How? The reduced dimensions of the nozzle body induces optimal nozzle flexibility, contributes to access narrower periodontal pockets and eases to follow intra-pocket anatomical geometry.

Embedded grooves

The embedded lateral grooves to ensure reduced intra-pocket pressure for a safe and efficient treatment.

How? The channel generated by the groove of the nozzle allows air water and powder to freely circulate subgingivally to maintain a constant and reduced pressure within the pocket.


  1. PERIOFLOW® Handpiece
  2. Ten nozzles
    Ideal for biofilm removal in periodontal pockets and implant surfaces - recommended depth: >4 to 9mm pockets
  3. Endochuck
    For the insertion of the PI PEEK instrument and other endo-files
  4. PI PEEK instrument
    Polyether Ether Ketone plastic for gentle implant maintenance
  5. Tip measurement set


  • Effective removal of biofilm down to the deepest periodontal pockets (pockets from 4mm – 10mm)
  • Sustained bacterial reduction
  • Single-use nozzle for clinically sterile treatment
  • High flexibility
  • Trilateral powder outlet ensures a perfect cleaning of residual pockets
  • Plug-in coupling with the PERIO-FLOW® handpiece
  • Millimetrical scale (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm) for controlled pocket application

Original Piezon Led Handpiece

The PIEZON handpiece product range brings our customers unparalleled ultrasonic quality, new levels of dexterity, speeds in oscillation that are redefining industry standards and more; all with a minimal-invasive capability. At the heart of this market leading performance is a state-of-the-art piezoceramic disc technology which, when coupled with the innovative PIEZON NO-PAIN module, means that all PIEZON handpieces can deliver unsurpassed levels of precision and linear oscillation.
The ergonomic design with a pen-style grip is a key factor in the advanced capabilities of the PIEZON handpiece. Benefit from greater maneuverability and superior access thanks to its lightweight body and slender nose-tip. Developed around the concepts of conservative treatment and maximum patient comfort, the PIEZON handpieces have a built-in 5,000 Kelvin LED light to secure bright natural daylight and exclusive surgical-grade stainless steel PIEZON instruments with jewel-grade polishing.


  1. PIEZON® LED Handpiece
  2. 3 PIEZON® PS Instruments
    Recommended for 95% of all scaling treatments. Ideal for sensitive patients, children and recalls. Effective in both sub and supragingival areas up to 9mm
  3. 4 ED light guides
    Replacement set


  • Unibody construction for low operating noise & vibrations for improved user comfort and easier maintenance
  • Six durable, encapsulated LED lights
  • 5,000 Kelvin to secure brighter natural daylight for better diagnosis
  • Automatic LED on/off upon handpiece pick-up and put-down
  • Optimal diameter and ergonomic design for pen-style grip
  • Relaxing grasp for accuracy, control and elimination of pressure points
  • Lightweight and well balanced to reduce hand fatigue
  • Thin handpiece nose for better visibility and accessibility
  • Medical-grade resin body for high durability
  • Innovative light guide with micro-lens for improved light-focus
  • Thermodisinfectable and sterilizable