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Carpet Spotting and Stain Removal Procedures


There's nothing more frustrating than stubborn spots and stains on carpet or upholstery that refuse to come out. Whether you're faced with organic stains (caused by food and beverages such as coffee, tea, tomato sauce, etc. or even urine, feces, and other bodily fluids) or inorganic stains (caused by nail polish, grease, tar, ink, etc.), Jon-Don offers a wide variety of specialty spot removers, designed to tackle the most difficult carpet and upholstery spots found in homes and businesses. 


Spot Removal Tips:

  • A bone spatula or bone scraper should be used first to remove any crusties before spot removal begins.
  • When applying a spotter, always start from the outside of a spot and work your way in towards the center.
  • Always tamp and blot with a spotting brush and clean white spotting towel.


Never rub or scrub! Rubbing and scrubbing will make spot removal more difficult.

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