Joint Preservation

Many people delay seeking treatment for joint pain for fear they will be told they need joint replacement surgery. If you suffer from persistent joint pain, you have nonsurgical as well as surgical treatment options. The joint preservation specialists at TSAOG Orthopaedics are dedicated to reducing your pain and restoring mobility to your joints.出轨女人的自白免费最新章节_出轨女人的自白免费_第1章 出轨女人的自白免费最新章节_出轨女人的自白免费_第1章 ,草榴社区邀请码怎么获得最新章节_草榴社区邀请码怎么获得_ 草榴社区邀请码怎么获得最新章节_草榴社区邀请码怎么获得_


What is Joint Preservation?

When cartilage deterioration due to osteoarthritis is causing persistent joint pain that interferes with your daily life, it is our goal to restore normal movement and alleviate pain to your joint - be it your shoulder, hip, or knee. Joint preservation refers to the use of nonsurgical or surgical means to preserve a deteriorating joint in order to delay or avoid joint replacement surgery. Every patient is different, so our specialists will customize your joint preservation strategy with you based on your individual situation, taking into account factors such as your age, expectations, level of joint dysfunction, and activity level. 

Surgical joint preservation techniques include:

  • Osteotomy
  • 出轨女人的自白免费最新章节_出轨女人的自白免费_第1章 出轨女人的自白免费最新章节_出轨女人的自白免费_第1章 ,草榴社区邀请码怎么获得最新章节_草榴社区邀请码怎么获得_ 草榴社区邀请码怎么获得最新章节_草榴社区邀请码怎么获得_ Cartilage Restoration Procedures (including Allografts, Microfracture, and Biologic Grafts)
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Dr. Sergio Viroslav, board certified orthopedic surgeon, discusses joint preservation.