Craft Beer Tasting

Atlantic White, Brains Craft Brewery, 6.0%

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Witbier: A Belgian Style ale that’s usually very pale and cloudy in appearance due to it being unfiltered and the high level of wheat, and sometimes oats, that’s used in the mash. Witbiers are almost always spiced, generally with coriander, orange peel and other spices or herbs from time to time. They are often crisp and tart in part due to the fairly high level of carbonation. Sometimes served with a lemon, but better without. Often referred to as “white beers” (witbieren) due to the cloudiness / yeast in suspension.

This example of a witbier was less cloudy and hazy than I was expecting, and slightly less carbonated than I was expecting.  However, overall the taste was good and the flavours were not too exaggerated. Brains Atlantic White Witbier